September 9th, 2010

wedding: kiss close-up

Week 2, Day 2

Nothing much to report today. I earned a green sticker yesterday, so that rules. Not the blue I hoped for, but I didn't go over my APs, so I'm calling it a victory.

I bought Daria: The Complete Series on DVD. It's my goal #2 reward for when I hit 125, but I bought it now because it was the deal of the day on Amazon. I am having Ricky hide it until I hit goal #2.

Both George and Kitzzy have been giving me some advice on a workout schedule for the half marathon, so I'm going to draft one up this weekend and meet with Kitzzy Tuesday to tweak it, if need be. She says I can probably get up to five miles by the time of the 10K, too. I'm excited!

Aaaaand speaking of can donate to my 10K here. :o) The money goes to breast-cancer research. Even $5 helps - I want to hit my goal, and I am so close! Shout out to those of you who have already donated to me - celestialcure, hekidanjo, and yzztik! :o)