September 8th, 2010

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Week 2, Day 1

Week 2. Oh, week 2. See, week 2 is usually disappointing. Week 1, for most people, is the week where they lose a good amount of weight, and then week 2 it's like, oh, half a pound, what!?

This week 2 is different for me though, because of my Miami debacle. This is the week the scale is going to bow down to me.

I made a wishlist on, for some dresses to drool over and propel me further toward my goal weight. :o) Obviously I can't buy them all, but I can get a couple of them when I get to goal! I am really loving the Hepcat Dress, and I really like the About the Artist dress, for work. But I want them all. xD

So I am almost fully decided I'm going to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. It's 25 weeks away, which gives me a little over six months to train. I already made a training plan, and I am determined to stick to it. I have wanted to do this race for a while. I'm going to wait until I finished the 10K on Oct. 2 to decide for sure, but I'm pretty motivated. Danielle is thinking of doing it too. We'll join as a team. :o)

Last night I had cupcakes. :-/ Bad, I know, but I'm making up for it today. About to head to the gym to attempt own 3.5 miles. Getting anything other than a blue sticker INO! Then it's time for the season premiere of America's Next Top Model, which is my #1 guilty-pleasure show.

I run a weight-loss challenge over at ww_users. The summer one just ended, and I'm starting up the fall one in a week. I'm excited - it will end on the day I'm supposed to be at goal by, so I'm hoping for the best and willing to work to achieve it.

I will end with an interview Katie Holmes had on David Letterman last night. She has been my beauty idol since I was about 14, and she looks so great. Very happy to see her looking and sounding like her old Joey-Potter self (albeit a little bit older), and I can't wait to see her new movie. Hope it opens in Orlando soon.

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Happy hump day, all!
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Week 2, Day 1 (Part II)

I know, I know - TWO DAYS IN A ROW of multiple entries, but I just have to share my run experience from about an hour ago.

I did 3.5 miles in 40:06. And let me just say, it...was HARD. I was exhausted and even a little nauseated afterward. It really made me think about that half marathon. I know I have six months to train, but even the thought of running almost four times that distance seems so impossible. But I am going to try anyway. Even if I can't run the whole thing, I am going to try my best. I mean, I want this freaking medal:

I sent my friend Kitzzy (yzztik) my workout plan, and she says it is way too aggressive (she has run marathons before and is very versed on running). So we're going to meet up Tuesday after work, and she's going to help me revise it. Thank you, Kitzzy!

Just wanted to vent a bit, I guess. I know it seems so tough now but I also know that people run that distance all the time, and I can too if I train properly.

Edit: Because relevant photo is relevant. :o)