September 2nd, 2010

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Week 1, Day 2

All righty, so Day Two is upon me. I do have some updates!

First off, here's my food log for yesterday.

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I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty typical day for me. And I know I'm going to get bored of it, so if anyone has any favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack ideas that are filling and low in points, throw them my way! I only get 20 points a day, so Smart Ones and things like that just aren't ideal. Aside from the high sodium content, they take up like 1/4 of my points for the day and don't fill me up at all. So yeah...any and all suggestions are extremely welcomed!

Looking that over, I need to stop eating so many 0-point things. I'm going to make it a point to try and only have a couple 0-point things a day. 0 points doesn't mean 0 calories most of the time, so I just need to be conscious of and careful with that. But I did get a blue sticker. :o) I put stickers on my calendar days to denote how well I did. For future reference, they go like this:

Blue: Stayed within DPs (Daily Points) and earned APs I didn't touch.
Green: Stayed within DPs and either used APs or didn't earn any APs.
Yellow: Dipped into fewer than 10 banked APs/WAPs.
Red: Dipped into more than 10 banked APs/WAPs.

I'll post a food log as often as I can, until I get bored of it, if that happens. xD We'll see.

So Joe and I decided not to do the $100-each bet at work. :-/ Well, HE decided it. He said he doesn't want to lose the money and he doesn't want to take my money if he wins, lol. I tried to assure him it was fine for him to take my money - that the prospect of that was really motivating me - but he insisted on a friendly bet instead. So we came to the conclusion that whoever wins the best will take the $100 they were going to bet and buy clothes with it. So that's still pretty motivating for me. Granted, I still "lose" the money, but I get $100 more worth of clothes so woo hoo. Worth it! And that still motivates me just as much, especially since it's still a competition and I get bragging rights if when I win. ;o)

So I did make my running goal yesterday! Did 3.1 miles just to make it a nice 5K distance. And I wasn't dying afterward, so that's a relief. It's been tough to work back up to a 5K distance this past week, since I was sick and off of running for a couple weeks. Sucks that I was huffing and puffing at 1.5 miles just a week ago, but I'm so glad I didn't let it bring me down. And I finished at 33:23, which is my fastest 5K time to date. Granted, it's a bit easier on a treadmill than it is outside, but still. Pretty great.

Tonight is strength training. I think I'm going to do core again. I did that on Sunday but core helps me with running a lot, I think, so I'm gonna work on that.

Oh, my friend Danielle just got a new weight-loss/fitness blog, too - you guys should follow her. :o) danielleisms