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Week 14, Day 1

Name: Jen
Age: 26
Height: 5'4"
Body frame: Small
Highest Weight/BMI: 152/26.1 (overweight)

Starting weight/BMI: 134.6/23.1 (normal)
Last week's weight/BMI: 130.2/22.3 (normal)
Current weight/BMI: 130.4/22.4 (normal)
This week's loss: +.2
Total loss: -4.2

Starting shirt/jacket size: S-M
Starting jeans size: 8-10
Starting dress/skirt size: 8/M

Current shirt/jacket size: S-M
Current jeans size: 6-8
Current dress/skirt size: 6-8/S-M

Starting right upper arm: 11 in.
Starting waist: 30 in.
Starting hips: 37.25 in.
Starting right thigh: 23.75 in.
Starting bust: 36 in.

Current right upper arm: 11 in.
Current waist: 29.5 in.
Current hips: 36.75 in.
Current right thigh: 23 in.
Current bust: 36 in.

Total loss: - 1.75 in.

Fitness: Beat my first half-marathon time (at OUC Half Marathon in December)
Goal weight #1/BMI: 130/22.3 (normal)
Goal weight #2/BMI: 125/21.5 (normal) [My goal reward for this is a secret. ;p]
Goal weight #3/BMI: 120/20.6 (normal) [$300 in new clothes]

Goal shirt/jacket size: XS-S
Goal jeans size: 4-6
Goal dress/skirt size: 4/XS-S





I know I was supposed to post new measurements last week, but honestly, if you can't tell, I've been lazy. I have gained back 5.8 of the 10 lbs. I lost. This is not good. Even with promising myself I was going to recommit, I didn't do too great of a job at it. I have been very busy and distracted, and I know those are just excuses because health and fitness are a lifestyle, not a side priority. So I'm just going to try and continue to move forward.

I knocked my goal-reward money down because I bought this today. I got it in a 6, and since it says it runs small, I know it will not fit me right now. I would be able to squeeze into it, but I don't want it to make me look like it's eating me, haha. So that will be something to hang up and look forward to for summer. I really needed a one-piece, because I think Josh and I are going to rent surfboards sometime during the summer and I don't want to have to worry about, um...indecent exposure.

I got pretty new LJ icons! Go look.

Tonight Josh and I are going to try out the gym at my new apartment complex for the first time. So that will be good. My gym closing down was probably a blessing in disguise. I'm going to try my best to run the 30 minutes I planned, but I've been so bad about my running. I hope I can make it through the entire time. I have the Corporate 5K with my work in a little over a week and I am so not prepared. Josh and I are signing up for the Run for the Trees 5K though! It will be his first race, so I'm excited to see how he does.

I am going to visit my family in New Orleans from this Thursday-Monday morning, so I'm really worried about counting PP. But I already looked up beignets (3 PP, plus 3 more PP for 1/4 cup of powdered sugar, hah), so at least I have a head start there... :p I'll probably grab some fruits and veggies and stuff at the grocery store when I get in, so I can have some food for the week. I know we'll eat out a few times though, so I need to keep myself in line and make sure I use the gym at my parent's apartment complex. I don't want this trip to be another excuse not to be on seems like every week now there is SOMETHING. And I am determined to stop letting fun = food.

Thanks for those of you who are still reading and encouraging. ♥ I appreciate the support.
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