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Week 11, Day 7

OK I'm just going to come right out and say it. I have been very, VERY off plan these past couple weeks, if it isn't obvious by my lack of journal entries. But I have NOT forgotten this blog, and I have NOT forgotten my goal. I will come clean and admit that tonight's weigh-in will have me up about four pounds, and I am prepared for that. Between my post-race euphoria, my birthday, a new relationship, and a big work deadline, diet and exercise have not been priority numero uno for me. I think I have run twice in the past two weeks, and this past week I have eaten everything I wanted and not bothered to count or measure or even really care at all.

But that changes today. I just want to move forward, and continue on to my goal. I am way too close to stop. I didn't go out and get my goal #2 reward because I knew I'd gain, so getting back there is my focus right now. I don't want the scale at my meeting tonight to deter me from pushing on, so I am determined not to let it.

Sorry I've been so MIA, guys. Things are good - I just need to recommit myself, and I'm on my way to that.
Tags: 120s, recommitting, wake-up call
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