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Week 9, Day 3

Name: Jen
Age: 25
Height: 5'4"
Body frame: Small
Highest Weight/BMI: 152/26.1 (overweight)

Starting weight/BMI: 134.6/23.1 (normal)
Last week's weight/BMI: 127.6/21.9 (normal)
Current weight/BMI: 126/21.6 (normal)
This week's loss: -1.6
Total loss: -8.6

Starting shirt/jacket size: S-M
Starting jeans size: 8-10
Starting dress/skirt size: 8/M

Current shirt/jacket size: S-M
Current jeans size: 6 (4 in Old Navy... :p Not quite comfortable enough yet to say I hit goal here.)
Current dress/skirt size: 4-6/S-M

Starting right upper arm: 11 in.
Starting waist: 30 in.
Starting hips: 37.25 in.
Starting right thigh: 23.75 in.
Starting bust: 36 in.

Current right upper arm: 10.5 in.
Current waist: 29.5 in.
Current hips: 36.5 in.
Current right thigh: 23 in.
Current bust: 35 in.

Total loss: -3.5 in.

Fitness: Run a half marathon Met 02/27/2011
Goal weight #1/BMI: 130/22.3 (normal) [$150 in makeup/beauty products] Met 02/07/2011
Goal weight #2/BMI: 125/21.5 (normal) [My goal reward for this is a secret. ;p]
Goal weight #3/BMI: 120/20.6 (normal) [$500 in new clothes]

Goal shirt/jacket size: XS-S
Goal jeans size: 4-6
Goal dress/skirt size: 4/XS-S







I only posted my food logs from the past two days because I'm lazy and all you really need to know about Sunday and Monday is that I ate a crap ton of sushi and fudge.

But yeah, I am about a pound away from goal #2, which makes me feel so giddy. The scale at the gym today was telling me I was exactly at goal #2, but I think it lies. I usually go to the gym location by my house so I know how closely the scale there matches my meeting one, but I'm not sure about the downtown location, which is where I went today. Plus, I was in shorts and not my regular meeting attire, which is jeans. REGARDLESS...if I can get .4 under that goal, it will also make me 10 lbs. down from when I started WW at the beginning of January. Pretty awesome. I am finally starting to feel like the 120s are canon. Not quite there yet, but in a few more weeks I think I'll start to really accept it. I also think my measurements are kind of off...I think I have lost more than that in inches. I dunno. I'm sure I move the tape measure around all crazy. Plus when I took my measurements Tuesday night I had just eaten Taco Bell, so that may have had something to do with it.

ANYWAY. I have done really freaking well the past few days. I have had pizza AND chocolate, and have stayed OP. I love WW so much. But yeah, I went bowling with co-workers last night. It was the first time I've been bowling in probably over a year. I didn't realize JUST how much I missed it until I started playing and barely broke 100, fail. But the package we got came with a pizza, so I ate the apple I brought before the pizza came and then had one slice, since I had so many PP left. It was really good. Definitely worth the 10 PP (highish estimate, but that was some pretty thick cheese), and I'm glad I filled up on my apple because I may have eaten more, which would have been...terrible. NSV!

Oh, here's my stickers calendar for last month:

If you'll remember my January stickers calendar (that entry also tells you what the stickers mean), you'll see how much more win transpired in February. In January, I had 12 red stickers. February? FOUR. I am really glad I was able to pull that off. I can't believe I didn't slip up more than that. I feel like the half-marathon training really kept me on track with eating. Plus I was working out a ton more this past month, so it helped earn me a lot more APPs than in January.

Speaking of the half marathon...I know that is what you guys have been waiting to hear about, so let me cut to the chase.



(Spoiler - those are my size 4 jeans. I decided I don't care about the ~*big reveal*~.)

I don't even care how gross I look in that second pic, bahaha - it was effing amazing. One of the best experiences of my life thus far, for sure. When I crossed the finish line, I cried. I tried to hold it in but I cried and called my mom after they put the medal on me. She was like, "OMG ARE YOU HURT!? WHAT HAPPENED!?" Lol, I had to explain that I was just happy and overwhelmed. She was like "OH OK, JESUS." Hahaha.

The race itself was really awesome, and REALLY crowded (though I expected that). The walk from my car to the starting line took about 20 minutes, so it was a nice warm-up, actually. I only ended up having to wait around in my corral in the dark for 30 minutes or so. It was enough time to take in the scenery, stretch, set up my iPhone, etc. They let off fireworks as each corral started, which was neat, but I shouldn't expect anything less from Disney! There were SO many people dressed up. I think I will definitely get a little more into the costume portion if I ever do this race again, but for my first half I didn't want to have too much weighing me down. There were people taking photos with characters all along the course. I wanted to stop (especially for Belle and Tiana!) but, eh, again - it was my first half, I've been to Disney a million times, etc., so I didn't. But it was pretty cool to see. We ran through a lot of the random streets on the Disney property but about halfway through we ran through the Magic Kingdom and then Epcot at the end.

Mile 1: time 12:11, average pace 11:59 (how the math worked on this one, I have yet to figure out...)
Mile 2: time 23:31, average pace 11:44
Mile 3: time 34:41, average pace 11:30
Mile 4: time 45:51, average pace 11:25
Mile 5: time 57:11, average pace 11:24
Mile 6: time 1:09:11, average pace 11:31
Mile 7: time 1:20:33, average pace 11:28
Mile 8: time 1:34:12, average pace 11:46 (I stopped to use the bathroom between miles 7 and 8)
Mile 9: time 1:45:42, average pace 11:44
Mile 10: time 1:57:02, average pace 11:42
Mile 11: time 2:09:12, average pace 11:44
Mile 12: time 2:21:12, average pace 11:46
Mile 13: time 2:33:22, average pace 11:48

Final (13.1 Miles): time 2:35:01, average pace 11:47 (based on data for 13.24 miles - forgot to stop the app right away.)

Here's a Google Map, too. I used the Runmeter iPhone app, and thankfully it worked like a charm, even with the crappy reception at Disney. Special thanks to all of you who woke up early as crap to leave me encouraging messages. ♥ I have to give special thanks to George and Kitzzy, though. They have seriously been my running fairy godparents (fitting for Disney :p), and I don't know if I could have gotten this far without them (so THANK YOU! ♥). Kitzzy and her boyfriend Jason were actually at the race to cheer me and some other friends on. I saw them at the 4-mile mark and said hey and Jason took a quick photo.

I am all excited but I will be honest - it was HARD. I had my work cut out for me. I followed my plan to walk a couple minutes after every mile, but there were a few hills I didn't anticipate, so I walked those too. I also had to use the bathroom between miles 7 and 8, so I got that out of the way. Around mile 9, my legs just started aching. It didn't feel like I'd pulled anything, but my knees and calves were pretty angry. At mile 10 I asked this dude who was handing out Powerade, "Hey, can you just pour like, five cups of it right in my bottle? THANKS BUDDY." I thought mile 12-13 was going to be cake with me knowing I had only a mile to go, but lol, no. I think I walked the most that mile. But when I saw that finish line, I booked.

Here are some official photos and videos, which I'm sure are only up for a limited time. Bahaha at how derp I look when I'm running, but whatever, I'm an athelete, bitches! Anyway, in the video that starts playing automatically, I am all the way to the left at :21-:22. Lmfao I wanted to punch the air but I just threw my arms out, I don't even know. Win. The photo of me covering my mouth is hilarious! There's one where I look like I'm holding my palm out to the camera but I had blown a kiss to the photog and he fails at pictures. Regardless, it is cool to see the overpriced officials photos and videos. :o) I took a video of me running down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and a few other random pics but it's late and I'm tired and this post is already so tl;dr. Maybe I'll upload them to Facebook at some point.

It's so surreal to me. I, the girl who was huffing and puffing trying to keep up during the mile run in middle school, completed a half freaking marathon - and TEN MINUTES FASTER than I had hoped to finish, too. Amazing. I can't wait to run my next race. I am considering a 10K at the end of the month and possibly a full marathon next February. Details about those later. But yeah - SO stoked I was able to pull this off. It represents a lot more than just a physical milestone for me. It is just as much (if not more) mental, and I am very, very proud I have been able to channel some difficult life lessons into health and fitness these past few months. I have learned so much about what I am physically and emotionally capable of, and I couldn't ask for anything better (though the very heavy and sparkly medal is a pretty good prize, too).

I worked out for the first time since the race today and did a 5K-distance run. I was surprised by how easily I knocked it out. But, um...yeah, when I went to take a shower tonight, I looked down at my feet, and guess what? BRUISED TOENAILS - the ones that have been hurting/giving me issues. This is pretty much how I feel right now:

In a way it's kind of cool, I guess, but seriously, if they fall off...ughhhh. And they don't hurt, which kind of freaks me out. Like they're already dead or some crap and now it's just a matter of time. If I wake up with bloody toenails in my bed I will scream. I was going to take a pic but my feet aren't the least gnarly right now, so I'm also hoping my nails stay intact so I can get a pedicure soon and not freak out the nice salon people.

On another random tangent...I decided I am going to give up chocolate for Lent this year. I KNOW, it's crazy talk, but I tried giving up all sweets last year and got 20-something days in before I said screw it. I didn't lose any weight, either - I ate fast food instead of sweets, so it was stupid. But this year, I figure chocolate is my BIGGEST sweets weakness, and I can give that up without feeling too deprived. Plus, my birthday falls during Lent, and I'm having a cupcake or two, damn it.

I don't have any big food challenges until my next weigh-in, which should make it pretty easy to get to goal #2 if I don't act a fool. However, Tuesday, my boss is taking us out to dinner to celebrate Mardi Gras (!!!) at this new restaurant in Winter Park called Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen. Now for those of you who don't know...I am from New Orleans...and there aren't really too many restaurants around here that make NOLA-style food, let alone good NOLA-style food, and I have heard this place takes the cake yum, cake. Omg they'll probably have king cake since it's Mardi Gras, WHYYYYYY. I have no idea what to get. Beignets are a definite, but um...there is seriously NOTHING on that menu that isn't like 1238321478132 PP and if I get a salad, my co-workers are going to yell at me and call me a bad NOLA native. Luckily it's the day after my weigh-in, so...I will have to plan ahead, work out in the morning, etc. Make sure I designate that day as my day to use WAPPs.

This post has gotten out of hand so I'm going to sleep. Thank all of you again for your support. You mean so much to me on this crazy journey!
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